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The EU Fuel Poverty Network provides several types of resources, including case studies of best practice in alleviating fuel poverty, a weekly on-line newspaper, and a list of useful external websites.

Our main resource, however, is a research archive which is an ongoing project to establish a comprehensive digital collection of all documents relating to fuel poverty across the European Union and beyond. It consists of peer-reviewed academic literature, policy documents and legislative records.

eaga Charitable Trust logoThe archive has been made possible through funding from eaga Charitable Trust, an independent fuel poverty grant-giving trust in the United Kingdom.

How to use the resource archive


There are a number of ways to search the archive:

  • Using key words or phrases, such as ‘European Union’
  • Searching for specific authors
  • Searching for the publisher, year of publication or even the resource title
  • Using country and theme filters to narrow search results
  • Browsing through the entire contents of the archive by leaving all the boxes blank and clicking submit.

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and/or use the lists below to filter the resources:

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If there are any research reports, journal articles, or policy documents missing that you think would be of interest to the European fuel poverty community, use the form below to add to the resource library.

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