Using blog articles

The key advantage of the EU Fuel Poverty Network blog is that it allows the rapid dissemination of ideas and research concerning fuel poverty across the European Union, enabling an informed discussion of the determinants of fuel poverty, how to define and measure fuel poverty and possible means of alleviation.

In order to ensure this feature does not get abused, all blog articles require attribution, as detailed on the website’s Creative Commons Licence.

We suggest the following format for those wishing to cite articles:

Scheer, J. (2012) Alleviating Energy Poverty in Ireland: an Efficient, Sustainable Approach. EU Fuel Poverty Network Blog 28 August 2012 (Accessed 29/08/2012)

Dubois, U. (2012) Fuel Poverty in France. EU Fuel Poverty Network Blog 24 August 2012 (Accessed 29/08/2012)

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