Why do we need an EU Fuel Poverty Network?

  • Only a minority of Member States have an official definition of fuel poverty (Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Slovakia), and there is no pan-EU definition;
  • Yet evidence indicates fuel poverty is being experienced across the EU, particularly in Eastern and Southern European states, and is growing in incidence in many countries.

The EU Fuel Poverty Network aims to bring together relevant stakeholders (including researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers) from across Europe who are working in the field of fuel poverty in order to:

  • Facilitate active discussion among relevant stakeholders around identifying and resolving fuel poverty;
  • Further the dialogue on fuel poverty across the EU, particularly within media outlets and decision-making;
  • Provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to publish short articles on fuel poverty issues (click here for more information on how to contribute);
  • Maintain a comprehensive resource archive where the latest articles and policy documents relating to fuel poverty can be deposited.

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EU Fuel Poverty Network | Working to fight fuel poverty across Europe