New online discussion forums for fuel poverty

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our Fuel Poverty Discussion Forums, which have been created to provide an online discussion space for all matters relating to fuel poverty across Europe. The forums are the latest addition to our website, and will contribute to the EUFPN’s aim to raise awareness of fuel poverty across the EU, and to further the dialogue between relevant stakeholders.

Our forums are open to use by everyone with an interest in fuel poverty, including (but not limited to): researchers, housing associations, energy service businesses, decision-makers, non-governmental organisations, and social innovators.

Anyone can view the forums, but to make new posts and contribute to discussion you will need to register an account on the website. We encourage anyone involved in or interested in fuel poverty to register for the site and to develop a presence in the online community.

We want the Fuel Poverty Discussion Forums to be interactive, relevant and member-driven, but to keep things simple we have started off with six forum categories:

About the Forums: Rules and Guidelines



General Discussion Forum



Initially the forums will be in English only, but we would like to expand language choice in the future. We are very keen for people to volunteer as forum moderators (any language), so please get in contact if you would like to be a moderator.

The success of the forums and their long-term viability depends entirely on active engagement by visitors to the website, so please do not be shy! Hopefully in time they will grow into a lively, interactive space for everyone with an interest in fuel poverty to enjoy.

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