Fuel poverty in summer, it is not only a matter of cold seasons

Fuel poverty has been linked to countries with cold winters where people cannot either keep their houses adequately warm or pay their energy bills.

Nowadays people in countries with hot summers have to expend more than 10% of income to pay their energy bills. There are several factors which lead households to expend such a high amount of money to pay their energy bills, although the most important two are the inadequate systems and poor quality of buildings.
This summer has been very hot in central and southern European countries leading the highest recorded temperatures to be exceeded.

Regarding this fact, our coordinator Raúl Castaño-Rosa in collaboration with Marilyn Smith (EnAct) make the following post. Promoting the relation between fuel poverty and energy efficiency in buildings, fuel poverty in hot seasons is the base of this investigation.

Where does fuel poverty exist?

We welcome all related investigations to be published and recorded in our database, to enable new lines of collaboration.

It is necessary to thank Sergio Tirado-Herrero for supplying the main documentation.

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