Welcome to the opening chapter of the EU Fuel Poverty Network. The network aims to facilitate discussion and learning through an exchange of ideas and knowledge, and during this process, to raise awareness of fuel poverty in member states that do not yet recognise the issue.

What is fuel poverty? From the outset, it should be noted that fuel poverty is loosely understood to mean an inability to adequately heat the home, due to a combination of low income, high fuel prices and poor energy efficiency. Occasionally the term energy poverty may be used; however, fuel poverty is the preferred term, particularly as there can be some confusion surrounding energy poverty as the World Economic Forum and other organisations use the term to refer to a lack of energy infrastructure in developing countries.

Researchers and practitioners from across the European Union are encouraged to contribute articles on fuel poverty in their country, particularly concerning conceptualisation of fuel poverty and examples of good practice. See the contributors page for more details.

The initial articles will be around the theme ‘existence and conceptualisation’ with guest articles on fuel poverty in Austria, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

If you agree or disagree with any of the articles, please do leave feedback and comments!

Harriet Thomson

Founder of the EU Fuel Poverty Network

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