Fuel poverty, which is also known as energy poverty, occurs when a household is unable to achieve the most basic levels of energy for adequate heating, cooling, cooking, lighting and use of appliances in the home. Whilst the concept of fuel poverty originated in the United Kingdom in the early 1980s, it is now widely recognised that fuel poverty is a serious issue within and beyond Europe.

Established in December 2011, the EU Fuel Poverty Network is one of the leading online portals for information and discussion on the topic of fuel poverty in the EU and beyond. The ultimate aims of the EUFPN are to raise awareness of the condition across the EU, and to further the dialogue between relevant stakeholders, including: researchers, housing associations, energy service businesses, decision-makers, non-governmental organisations, and social innovators. This is achieved through a free membership scheme, by regularly publishing guest blog articles on the latest research and projects, and raising the profile of existing literature and policy documents in a comprehensive resource archive.

% of households unable to afford to keep their home adequately warm

© Map by Dr. Charlie Wand.
Please cite as: Wand, C.R. (2013). % of households unable to keep their home adequately warm. Available: http://fuelpoverty.eu.

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