Established in December 2011, the EU Fuel Poverty Network has become the leading online portal for information about EU fuel poverty.

The ultimate aims of the Network are to raise awareness and to further the dialogue on fuel poverty across the EU. This is achieved by publishing guest blog articles on the latest research and ideas and raising the profile of existing academic literature and policy documents in a comprehensive resource archive.

What is fuel poverty?

Fuel poverty, or energy poverty as it is also known as, occurs when a household is unable to afford the most basic levels of energy for adequate heating, cooking, lighting and use of appliances in the home.

The consequences of fuel poverty include a restricted use of heating, cold and damp homes, debts on utility bills and a reduction of household expenditure on other essential items. In addition, fuel poverty is associated with a wide range of physical and mental health illnesses, such as depression, asthma and heart disease.

Fuel poverty has traditionally been thought of as a British and Irish phenomenon; however, as the maps below show, aspects of fuel poverty are manifest across the European Union.

% of households unable to afford to keep their home adequately warm

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© Map by Dr. Charlie Wand. Please cite as: Wand, C.R. (2013). % of households unable to keep their home adequately warm. Available: http://fuelpoverty.eu.


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